Aldiko Book Reader Premium APK

Aldiko Book Reader Premium
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Download one of the best Android eBook Readers now!

★The leading eBook application for the Android platform
★30+ million users from over 200 countries


✔ Support EPUB, PDF formats as well as Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks.

✔ Support Text To Speech.

✔ Support eBooks from public libraries.

✔ Fully-customizable reading experience: adjust font size, font type, font and background colors, margin, alignment, line spacing as well as brightness to best suit your preference. The Aldiko Book Reader also supports night-time reading.

✔ User-friendly interface: the Aldiko Book Reader supports both Android phones and tablets. You can create your own bookmarks, notes (for EPUB files only) and highlights (for EPUB files only) anywhere in the book, rapidly jump to a different section of the book through the table of content.

✔ Advanced library management system: import your own EPUB and PDF files into the app to read them on the go; organize your eBooks by tags and collections; create a home widget of your currently reading books to make resume reading easier and faster. Aldiko will also remember your reading position automatically, bring you back to where you left off.

✔ In-app shopping experience: browse huge catalogs of eBooks, including best-sellers, new releases and classics (lots of them are FREE)

✔ Other cool features not to miss: global-text search in a book, dictionary, add your own favorite catalogs and many more

Differences between the Aldiko Book Reader Premium and the Aldiko Book Reader Free are: the Aldiko Book Reader Premium has Text to Speech, highlights (for EPUB files only), notes (for EPUB files only), book cover editing. home widget, import and export annotations features, unlimited number of audio books on personal bookshelf,, gets faster update and does not contain advertisements.

Aldiko Book Reader Premium APK reviews

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Daniel Womack review Daniel Womack
Would be even better if it supported mobi files as well.
Alex G review Alex G
Love it
Bought the premium version since I love this app and use it so much. Just curious though, what's the difference between the paid and non-paid versions? ?
Charlotte Moliere review Charlotte Moliere
Will not import books
Keep getting errors trying to import my 2126 file collection and when I remove books they still appear in the library. Uninstall and clearing cache and data do not help
Don Mar review Don Mar
Less than Average!
You can't even change the book's cover arts for uniformity.. waste of money..
Don Baldwin review Don Baldwin
Aldiko Rocks
Great app. I only wish it got along better with my SD card. The program keeps books in the phone memory, and won't seem to use the SD card.
Luis Carlos review Luis Carlos
Different colors
This app would be perfect for me if there was more than one highlighter color available
Mesayu Renita review Mesayu Renita
Re arrange book list
Good app, but could you please make a small update so we can re arrange the book list by ourself?
Jane Whittington review Jane Whittington
Crashes reliably on my galaxy s3
Grrr. Love it on my tablet but unusable on my phone.
Adam B review Adam B
For some neglect of reason, this app won't simply use the PDFs on my sdcard, preferring instead to make an utterly redundant copy of every book imported on my precious internal storage.
Isabelle Teves review Isabelle Teves
I love Aldiko but...
It would be great if the highlights and bookmarks I have on my ebooks are saved to the SD card so everytime I have to remove my memory card, I don't have to start from scratch again.
Debra Sneesby review Debra Sneesby
Free version is better
Cant highlight. Turning a page takes 3-4 seconds and may take me back to the bookshelf. Its just frustrating.
kellay pcartre review kellay pcartre
Another Playstore Scammer!!!
You make false claims that you can share documents.Well, I agree to disagree. When I hit a share button, the only thing that's there is an Aldiko ad.I emailed documents to myself.And the only thing that's within the email is a Aldiko ad.I want my money back for this crap App ASAP?
Madeline Hernández review Madeline Hernández
Not what it seems
I had the free version and when tried to edit an eBook, got a message that if I wanted to edit, I needed to buy the premium version, and I did, (and I regret). The only thing you can do is highlight in yellow, (hate yellow), and add notes. I really want to underline, strike out and highlight in different colors, translate, wiki, definition, etc., like I do with NEOSOAR free app and with another free editors. Do that and you got 5 * .
Janet Walker review Janet Walker
Incredibly slow and sluggish at all times, particularly when displaying PDFs. Other PDF readers are much faster.
Enya Grew review Enya Grew
Force closing
It keeps force closing when I go to underline. The only reason I BROUGHT the premium was to underline!!