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AppNana - Free Gift Cards
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AppNana - Free Gift Card Rewards

The most popular mobile reward app is now available on Android!!

Try free apps and redeem any gift card for free! Members earned over $10 Million in games and gift card credits.


- Download free apps from Nana Offers to earn Nanas.

- Receive Nana points and redeem them for gift cards.

- Get 400 daily points just by coming back every day.

- Invite friends to get more points.

You must OPEN the apps after installing them

Note: Please input your email correctly in order for us to send the rewards to your inbox. It will take up to 48 hours for us to send the gift code to your inbox

AppNana - Free Gift Cards APK reviews

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Avi-Niam Popat review Avi-Niam Popat
Good but annoying
I complete the offers but I hardly ever get any nanas
Aadit Gyawali review Aadit Gyawali
Great app.......
Like it, but I wish it was cheaper it takes ages just to earn 100,000 nanas!
Jacob Chadwick-Brown review Jacob Chadwick-Brown
This is awssome
I love this app so mutch ithelps me to get advanced supplie drops
Dominic Moss review Dominic Moss
The app is very good but I don't get the tokens all the time
Albion Rushiti review Albion Rushiti
Awesome app
U have to get this I got a 20 dollar steam card for free
eros vanbuuren review eros vanbuuren
It' s great
But can I get $25 and when i get enough nanas you can take them
sfxgamerboysfx x review sfxgamerboysfx x
I love it because its free i love these banana install this people you'll love it
Evan Jilbert review Evan Jilbert
Great app. Have gotten lots of free stuff. ***j11901t70*** enter that to get 250000 free nana, I have 15000 nana so it will work.
francis longe review francis longe
Nice app, hope it works. Invite to get 2500 nanas, I already have 15k, so it will work: 11870180
Maurits Vanriel review Maurits Vanriel
Here are some free nana's:m11916768
Works very good but its kinda hard to get much nana's
Will Best review Will Best
Not bad
Ok just most the time u don't get given the points for downloading the apps
Conan Martinez review Conan Martinez
Its ok and all, I mean free gift cards but barely enough good offers and gift cards cost a ton of points and apps you are required to install to get those points don't give enough points and a lot of the time you don't get your points and don't bother emailing support as they will never respond or help
Michelle Hospes review Michelle Hospes
Made over $200! (m2129366)
I have done the trial and error testing out all kinds of different apps to make money but this one is one of the very best so far. It's very easy to reach cash out and they pay very consistently. If you would like to try it please concider using my referral number m2129366 and you'll get yourself 2500 "nanas" to get you started and I would be so very grateful! Thanks so much for reading my review, please like it and good luck. :)
RMGXX The beast review RMGXX The beast
Good but......
Its very nice but there is no good rewards for oman so add it plz there is many users in oman and they have the same problem also
Enrique Lopez review Enrique Lopez
I want my paypal card
Last time i got enough points for a paypal card so i choose to get one but it did not give it the money because then i try to use it say that i did not have any momey