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Wish you could read more but don’t have the time? You’ll love audiobooks! is the best free audiobook app to download and instantly stream more than 100,000 premium audiobooks. Read more books and get more done with our most stable, feature-filled app ever.

Everything you need is right within the app: claim credits on titles, access your audio book wishlist, view your library, and play your audio books without ever having to visit the website. We add hundreds of new books every week, and your first premium audiobook is free! Plus, we have a library of 7,000 free audio titles for everyone to enjoy.

Our top features include:

• Your audio book library is yours to keep, forever
• Variable narration speed at 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2x original pace
• Easy navigation with quick touch actions and a large visual interface
• Live Chat with our Customer Service team for instant assistance
• Notes tool to create custom bookmarks with memos
• Detailed series information so you can browse popular series or easily find your next audio book
• Member Deals make your credits go further with member exclusive audiobook bundles
• Stream audiobooks anytime, anywhere over Wi-Fi and mobile data to enjoy your entire library without taking up device storage space, or download in full for offline listening
• High quality mp3 sound

The app has wide compatibility:

• Download audible books directly to any Android device, and use the smartwatch app to easily control selection and playback of audiobooks from your library.
• Enjoy audiobooks on the road with Android Auto and select manufacturer’s in-car infotainment systems, including GM, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles
• Listen in your home with Sonos, the smart speaker system – is the only audiobook app that integrates with Sonos

You’ll love listening to these New York Times bestsellers and recently added new releases:

• The Rooster Bar by John Grisham
• In the Midst of Winter: A Novel by Isabel Allende
• What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton
• Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

You can also browse and listen from a wide selection of genres:

• Fiction favorites including romance novels, literary short stories, mystery, and science fiction
• Textbooks and reference titles for MCAT and other exams and courses
• Make this your go-to Bible app for full-length audio versions of the King James Bible and other religious audio books, meditations and prayer books, including the Quran
• Learn a new language with hundreds of new educational audio courses for 45+ different languages
• Huge selection of family-friendly books for kids, toddlers, and teens

Check out our top current book lists:

• New York Times Non-Fiction
• Oprah’s Book Club Classics
• The Best of 2017 (so far)

Don’t be stuck in the past with ebooks or books on tape. Digital audiobooks make audible stories come to life when you’re commuting, working out, cleaning the house, knitting, cooking and more! Make the most of your limited time and rekindle your love of reading with audiobooks from

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Audio Books by Audiobooks APK reviews

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Brittany Dimickele review Brittany Dimickele
Loved it
This app is amazing the books are amazing I read grey from fifty shades it was perfect
Justen Janssen review Justen Janssen
Game of thrones
It was very close to the show on hbo. but with the way it was read it kept u riveted to it to the end. Can't wait to start the next one
Kevin Springer review Kevin Springer
A song of ice and fire
I loved the HBO show and this helped me power through the book in 7 days while working
Amanda Ball review Amanda Ball
Great app, very clear and easy to use. First book I downloaded is Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. Would have provided 5 stars, but sometimes the auto play stops mid reading which is quite frustrating for someone relying on the audiobook during a long run. Overall a great experience.
Mz Queneke King review Mz Queneke King
This is a very nice app and you can download your books to your device and use NO wi-fi or data to listen. As a matter of fact, I put my phone on airplane mode so I could listen without interruption of calls and notifications. It's an easy to use app and I believe their prices may be a little cheaper than competitors but they don't have every book. I am looking for a few books on Mass Incarceration that they do not have. But I am enjoying a book I read as a senior project from high school called The Color Water by James McBride. Amazon was $26 for the audio which is a little high when there are so many Under $10 audios. I would give it 5 but the selection isn't huge. But for the price it's reasonable. Pretty content
rachelle barron review rachelle barron
Great app
Very easy to navigate and find your account info. Listening to The Help and I'm really enjoying the voices and dialects. Giving other reading apps a hard run for their money.
Miqueas Luna review Miqueas Luna
Heir to the Empire
I've read this before, but listening to it really brings the story to life and shows the squencial order in comparison to the original movies. I really enjoy using this app. Awesome selection of books. Just what I was looking for.
joe kwok review joe kwok
Pretty good, still needs some work. Thought out my play it sounded like it was either rewinding or fast forwarding. Interface is not the as smooth as audible but I'm using it for books not the interface.
Ashby Sandberg review Ashby Sandberg
First time.... And loving it
It was a wonderful recording with an easy to understand and fun to listen to narrator. I couldn't stop listening to this amazing version of an amazing book (Jane Eyre)! The only thing I'm might change is, rather than having each book a long, single recording, incorporating recordings for each chapter to make it easier to find your place if you lose it
Justin Becker review Justin Becker
This app is functional and worked smoothly but I wish it had chapter markers like audible instead of just one long recordings. Also it didn't work with the play/pause button in my bluetooth headphones. Other than that this app was great and I enjoyed listening to "champion"
Tabitha Vangunda review Tabitha Vangunda
I listened to Dragon Fall by Katie Macalister. I didn't have any problems with this app.
Tony Mark review Tony Mark
The bible nkjv
Good but there is no chapter or book selection just 71 hours of non stop action.
Laura Clavijo review Laura Clavijo
This app works just the way I would expect it would. I can't ask for anything else. The book is exciting, erotic and sexual. Very descriptive, definitely a fun 'read'!
Ezrah Lasola-Tuble review Ezrah Lasola-Tuble
Needs more work
This app needs to have an option to pick a chapter to start listening to. I don't listen to audiobooks in one sitting and I sometimes, I want to go back to a chapter and there is no option for that here. There is also no option to bookmark your place in the audiobook. Sometimes, the audio jumps further when I continue listening so it would be helpful to have the bookmark option. I like that the app shows on my lock screen and you can start and stop from there.
Helmut Loeffler review Helmut Loeffler
Looked for Joseph Princes Audio books. Found one of them on "AudioBooks" and was surprised how easy it was to connect and download, Will use Audiobooks for more downloads when I find what I'm looking for.