BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3 APK

BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3
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1. Install "BTS OFFICIAL LIGHTSTICK ver.3", which can be found in the Google Play for Android users.
2. Open the app when the installation is complete.
3. Select "CONCERT MODE".
4. Select the concert information for the date you purchased.
5. Have your concert ticket ready and select "ENTER YOUR TICKET INFO".
6. Manually enter the seat information listed on your ticket, then select "SAVE CHANGES".
7. After selecting concert mode, check the concert information and select "ENTER QR/BARCODE".
8. When you scan the QR/BARCODE printed on your ticket with your smartphone camera, the seat information will be automatically registered.
9. Turn the switch down on the light stick to set it to Bluetooth mode.
10. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, and connect the light stick to your smartphone by placing it close to your smartphone.
11. Press "YES" when the color of your smartphone screen changes to the same color as the light stick.
12. After registering your seat information, turn the switch up on the light stick to set it to concert mode and enjoy the concert.
14. If you do not have a smartphone, or if your phone is a 3G model, you can register with a friend's or family member's phone, or get help from the staff at the concert hall.
15. If you have more than one light stick please register again through the methods outlined above.

Select "SELF MODE".
After connecting your smartphone with Bluetooth, touch a color you want and the lightstick color changes accordingly.

BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3 APK reviews

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Jacquelyn Lopez review Jacquelyn Lopez
It's amazing ?
Lorenna Dinh review Lorenna Dinh
Giving it 5 stars because it worked!! Though the bluetooth connection doesn't stay on long and you have to reconnect but i'm sure this will get fixed for concert
Tata review Tata
It's not letting me connect my army bomb for some reason
loui Louise review loui Louise
Mine won't connect to the app! It says 'researching' but it's been like that for five minutes
Mandy Si review Mandy Si
I'm downloading even though I don't have the army bomb ver 3? only army would do that
Emily Aguilar review Emily Aguilar
Love the color change!!!
A Google user review A Google user
Bighit... youre the best :)))
Stray Kids Trash review Stray Kids Trash
i dont have the army bomb but i stan bts and thats reason enough
Angie Jagdewsing review Angie Jagdewsing
Its BTS ofc its good
뮤추얼〽 review 뮤추얼〽
아미밤은 항상 예뻐