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Only you can save humanity!

Dead Defence - tower defense strategy, absorbing the best aspects of this genre!

Use perfective weaponry, develop defensive installations and dont hesitate to deploy missile launches of incredible power!

Few months ago virus of identified origin spread out the whole planet, infecting people and turning them into mindless flesh devourers. The attempt of scientists to neutralize this virus had escalated the infection outbreak. Now, the conclaves of remaining people are in danger of total extinction. It falls to you commander to save those people!

Pay attention, Dead Defence absolutely free game; however you have opportunity to acquire some game content for real money.

- Awesome realistic graphics, which conveys the atmosphere of postapocalyptic world
- Vast weaponry arsenal
- Combine the effects of your defensive towers
- Protect the remains of humanity on every spot on the globe
- Develop defensive turrets, improve their power and capacities
- Bonus levels, which challenge the best hardcore players

Remember: You are the last hope!

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? Dead Defence APK reviews

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anthony treacy review anthony treacy
Love the game it's awesome
Iv just installed it and my weapons and upgrades have gone, and I payed for this. Please help!! Many thanks
patrick muir review patrick muir
Make money and crystals be a little easier to get. And maybe update/add new towers
Rio Anthony Gaabucayan review Rio Anthony Gaabucayan
very challenging game!!! highly recommended to those gamer who find a boring game in android or iOS...
cian healy review cian healy
Level 4
Is level 4 glitched or is this game just a money making scam?
D Jerolleman review D Jerolleman
Money grab
Game does not let you get very far without buying upgrades and is limited in levels. Which is probably why the level are difficult even with the upgrades.
alex denkers review alex denkers
Worst games every cant get past level 4 unless you buy all of the towers
Lee Gartside review Lee Gartside
Absolute ripoff
Don't buy anything. You cannot actually use strategy to win. Your choices are irrelevant . You can't win without special weapons which cost stupid amounts - needed for each level!. Spoiled by absolute greed.
Mike Nike review Mike Nike
Best td
But wery hard after few missions.
Grey Raven review Grey Raven
Don't Bother
Unless you've got cash to spare, don't bother with this game. Level 4 is impossible without spending $$ to advance. The research is limited to having passed levels first, and you need to spend $$ to get that far. Anything after level 3 of the FIRST CHAPTER is impossible. Grinding earlier levels is rendered useless, as you need to advance levels first just to unlock the research. This is a beautiful game, but it comes at too high a cost. Don't waste your time, or your money on this pathetic cash grab.
Micah Fischer review Micah Fischer
Pay to play earlier than others
While I understand pay to play with advertising the company can still make money. They made the game fun for about 7 levels and then nearly impossible to beat without paying. You also have no clue how much harder the game is going to get or have much you will have to fork out. I'd much rather have one price with a decent chance of beating the game. I don't see the developers getting much ad money or pay to play money on this game.
Rei Dushku review Rei Dushku
It stoped dowloading
Title explains the rate
v.sandeep sandee review v.sandeep sandee
This is super game but 4rt leval functions not supported
malachi ki review malachi ki
Ok the game is ok but if I could give a lower rating I would you have to buy some freaking crystals AND there are only 5 levels this sucks
Mike Drager review Mike Drager
Money grab plane and simple
If you are looking for a fun TD game DO NOT download this. You cant make it passed the 5th or 6th level without additional research that is to expensive to do without spending money. The enemies won't even follow the path that is shown on the map at times which makes it impossible to do without the upgrades.
Parth Rachchh review Parth Rachchh
Not a real game
If you call it game then go play vice city,contract killer zombies 2,front line commando 2 like games.