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Deezer Music for Android TV
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The new Deezer TV app will transform your sofa into a karaoke bar with 40 million songs & on-screen lyrics!
Get a free account for Mixes and your Deezer Flow or a Premium+ account for unlimited, personalized music.

Deezer Music for Android TV APK reviews

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PixApps review PixApps
Rubbish compared to the mobile version: 1) No ability to play this app in the background (thus allowing you to do other things like gaming, browsing or even using a special effects scree-saver). This should be BASIC functionality for a streaming app!! 2) No option to add songs to playlists (at least not on the Nvidia Shield). Beyond basic. Rubbish!!!
Eamonn O'Connell review Eamonn O'Connell
Pretty sweet app guys. Just a few pointers. Please integrate with the android search so that search by voice works, and when I'm in the Deezer app, pressing the search/mic button should bring up the Deezer search. See how Youtube does it. When the app first opens, the screen shows Sign-in, or select already logged in account, and the register button is focused on by default. Most of the time (99%) the user is already logged in and wants to select the signed-in account, but you have opted to give max prominence to adding account, and also make it the default focus. It is a jarring experience everytime I open the app. The default focus is also wrong on the player screen. The focus is on the favourite button when it should be on the pause one. Otherwise, I think it is a great way to listen to music at home. Bravo!
Marcel Vojtkovszky review Marcel Vojtkovszky
You deserve more likes. Works like a charm :)
Aleš Sedláček review Aleš Sedláček
Thank you for this version for Android TV. Add please possibility to play music on backgroud (multitasking) and voice search. Also app could be little quicker and responsive. Tested on Nvidia Shield Android TV.
A Google user review A Google user
La version gratuite limite l'écoute des morceaux à 30s. Du coup il faut vraiment avoir un abo premium pour profiter de cette app.
Rene Pieters review Rene Pieters
Incompatible with my Xiaomi Mi Box 3. Start the app, and the screen goes blank and the player needs a powercycle to come back up. Unusable.