Deezer: Music&Song Streaming APK

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Personalize the music you love. Stream & discover unlimited music with your favorite songs, artists, albums, tracks, genres, and radio stations, & listen for free. Play millions of songs & create your own playlists or use Deezer Flow, your music guide.

- Access to millions of songs, for free
- Stream your favorite songs, artists, albums, radio stations and audio channels
- Play and search for the best songs on the radio
- Listen to unlimited playlists curated from our music editors
- Search for new music discoveries and top hits
- Sing along with on-screen lyrics with your favorite artists
- Create personalized playlists that suit your taste
- Play different music genres with Flow to suit your mood or occasion
- Choose to make your playlists public or private

Go with the music you love
Let Flow feed your mind with music. The more your play, the better Flow gets. Flow learns your personal taste and discovers new songs, artists, albums and tracks based on the music you love.Let us know your favorite songs and our music editors will curate top unlimited playlists for you.

Deezer provides on-screen lyrics for you to sing along shamelessly with your favorite artists – whether they’re Justin Bieber, Adele, Coldplay or Drake. Just hit play for unlimited music discoveries and streaming, all day, every day. The Deezer music catalogue has it all.

Deezer Premium+
- Skip an unlimited number of tracks, even offline!
- Upgrade your sound quality for the best pop beats
- Rock out to uninterrupted, ad-free music
- Offline music to stream and listen to at your convenience
- Drive with CarPlay, the best copilot to take your music from your phone to your car
- *Get 15 days of Premium+ free*

Deezer Family
More than 2 of you at home? Try Deezer Family:
- Kids-only profiles
- 6 Premium+ profiles

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Snapchat: Deezermusic

Deezer: Music&Song Streaming APK reviews

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Joe Lang review Joe Lang
Great so far.
All god so far. Plus you have the new Elvis album!
ermal millaku review ermal millaku
Not responding
Too many Crashes
lasha xurcidze review lasha xurcidze
The best
lisufi Isufi review lisufi Isufi
Mark R review Mark R
This is the best music app hands down! It literally kills. Makes all other music apps useless. I won't mention the names of its rivals but all of them were left in the dust by this one. Thanks developers! ?
Jeremie Antal review Jeremie Antal
The music are great very moden and it makes me feel good take premium or family to enjoy your songs most of the time .some times wen connection down Playlist goes blank
Laura Music!!! review Laura Music!!!
I LOVE this app because it let's me download ANY song I want. Thank you for the person that had the idea to make up an app that let's anyone listen to music without WiFi.
Ron D'Avilar review Ron D'Avilar
Great app, amazing music library with features that introduce you to new music & Artists. Not very popular in my country but it needs to be.
It's literally the best music app out there... and it knows what kind of music I'd like to listen to... and its also fast and reusable Thanks deezer ♡♡♡♡
Shanice Russell review Shanice Russell
Not as unlimited
I don't get half the songs I want
Eduardo Couto review Eduardo Couto
Keep getting "the server encountered an error" while trying to sign up.
After each and every song there's always aids and publicités
Kasiya Chimango review Kasiya Chimango
Five star music source
A Google user review A Google user
This is bloody annoying, the stupid upgrade premium notification will not stop popping up on my screen and so it's now forcing to upgrade because I can no longer listen to any music because of it. If anyone can help me please other than that thanks alot DEEZER you've ruined my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
El Loco Coco review El Loco Coco
Best music streaming app I've come across. Great option to download for offline playing. Excellent variety of music. From the latest releases to the timely classics. I'd definitely recommend this app to a true music lover.