Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) APK

Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2)
Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 1Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 2Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 3Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 4Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 5Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 6Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 7Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 8Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 9Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 10Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 11Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 12Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 13Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 14Detect-O-Gromit (D.O.G 2) screenshot 15
The official trail app for Gromit Unleashed 2 Charity trail lets users discover and tick off over 60 giant sculptures featuring internationally reknowned characters, Wallace, Gromit and Feathers and designed by high-profile artists, designers and innovators around the city of Bristol and the surrounding area.

Users learn about the Sculptures, Artists and Sponsors through beautiful images and videos.

With fun trails to follow, challenges to win awards and fun, character camera frames to share on your photos along the way.

Users can track their progress around the trail and everybody else's and track their activity through integration with their device's native health app.

Plus all proceeds go to the Grand Appeal charity raising money for the Bristol Children's Hospital and the Special Care Baby Unit at St Michael's Hospital.