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Eventbrite Organizer (formerly Entry Manager) is the one-stop shop for event management on your Android device. Event planners can now create and edit events, monitor real-time ticket sales, check-in attendees, track attendance live, and quickly accept, secure payment for tickets and merchandise on-site. Get more details below or visit: http://www.eventbrite.com/l/Organizer-check-in-app/

With Eventbrite Organizer app event management is a snap. You can:
* Create events directly in your mobile app.
* Edit key event details (like your event description, ticket types and quantity and more) on-the-go — perfect for the busy event planner lifestyle.
* Take control of your ticket sales with access to real-time data.
* Easily edit your event listing from anywhere.
* Rely on easy-to-use ticket scanning and check-in to give guests a flawless entry experience.
* Keep your finger on the pulse of your event with live attendance tracking.
* Quickly accept secure payment for tickets and merchandise on-site and never miss a chance to sell.

Key Event Management Features:
* Edit from Anywhere: Make updates to your tickets or event listing seamlessly from your mobile device (which automatically syncs with the Eventbrite database) so you can stay in control of your event listing, no matter where you are.
* Check-in That Works: Reliably and efficiently check-in attendees by scanning tickets with the camera on your mobile device. Or, simply look up your guest’s name directly with a quick search of your guest list. Say goodbye to check-in headaches with our easy-to-use entry manager technology.
* Mobile Box Office: Accept all major credit cards, track cash transactions, print tickets and receipts on the spot, and send mobile and print-at-home tickets. Take your box office to the next level with easy-to-use accessories like our card reader and ticket printer.
* Solve Customer Requests Fast: Quickly look up orders, and reissue, cancel, or refund orders on the spot.
* Real-Time Data: All sales and check-in data is synced with Eventbrite’s servers, so you can use multiple devices at different entry points without missing orders or duplicating tickets.
* Multi-lingual? No problem: Organizer is also available in German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish. Olè!

Thanks for all the great feedback – we can’t get enough! Keep it coming at [email protected] And if you’re loving the app, drop us a rating (and don’t be afraid to gush).

What is Eventbrite?
Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service ticketing and registration platform, hosting a vibrant collection of live experiences to fuel people’s passions and enrich their lives.

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nicola alford review nicola alford
Cool app
Sharlene Ogando review Sharlene Ogando
Just an amazing helpful app! It's wonderful! I 100% recommend!!
Esteban Cruz Trujillo review Esteban Cruz Trujillo
Michelle Pratt review Michelle Pratt
This is great. We use it for RSVPs for school field trips. Information at the parent's fingertips. No more missing permission slips. The reports pull nicely into excel. Wish you were able to move options from secondary questions. Currently, I have to add a box then retype everything of I change a number or need abc order
Kitty DeMure review Kitty DeMure
Fast, efficient, excellent.
Natasha Dyce review Natasha Dyce
Love this app....it provides plenty of free and low cost events in NYC!!\tLove this app....it provides plenty of free and low cost events in NYC!!
Kehinde Orilogbon review Kehinde Orilogbon
Love this app all the way
Burung Marah review Burung Marah
Thanks Ok
Raeesha Islam review Raeesha Islam
I love it
Nia Imara review Nia Imara
Works very well.
dRhoma n forsa review dRhoma n forsa
Helen Keegan review Helen Keegan
Very useful
Joel Gammage review Joel Gammage
Michal Ostapowicz review Michal Ostapowicz
Great app
Simply does what it's supposed to do.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania review Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Very easy to use
Great app. User friendly