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Forge of Legends
v 1.0.31
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The Forge of Legends contains all for fun: adrenaline, emotions and unlimited pleasure. Dynamic card-based game that will addict you from the first seconds! Construct your own fortress, gather an army and pave the war for the victory! Defend your base from enemies and attack them using your own strategy! In the Forge of Legends world wins excellent tactic. Show everyone your glory in the battles with honor and let the enemies run away from the real power!
You’ll fight by using an individual deck of cards that calling allies on the battlefield. Enemy base will be the main target to destroy.

♦ Create your unique deck of cards;
♦ Collect all powerful cards;
♦ PvP in real time;
♦ Think over every step on the battlefield;
♦ Challenge your friends;
♦ Try not less exciting PvE-mode;
♦ Join the most powerful gaming guild for mutual assistance or create your own;
♦ Defeat your enemies and win all from the list of best players.

Forge of Legends APK reviews

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Sam Singha review Sam Singha
after update the game i cant play multiplayer it said restart the game plz fix this
Dilip Kumar Singha review Dilip Kumar Singha
I can this game
Blake Clark review Blake Clark
It may look good but it is not
Parakram Rana review Parakram Rana
It's nice
Ahmad Mohamadi review Ahmad Mohamadi
not bad
A Google user review A Google user
Less % of upgrades per cards is required to make a better game balance. So stronger players would be possible to defeat if they make a mistake. It also increases the range of potential adversaries. All arena cards should be equal in power.
Chivo Loco review Chivo Loco
Fun game, but I can't find a guild to join, either all full or closed. Kind of takes away from the game play. My other games I play, guild play, chat, and contests make the game. I feel I'm going to loose interest very fast. It is slow to start battles, or it just says something went wrong. It's definitely no Clash Royale
Niko Harmada review Niko Harmada
I really like the game and the strategy, but I'm advancing fast than I would've liked because I'm level 4 fighting people who are level 6 making it harder to succeed and it's too difficult to go back because you don't lose as many trophies than you gain. Pluse the chest always have crummy cards to use making my deck weaker than everyone else's. And I'm always broke because none of the chest have a lot of money.
Chris Dixon review Chris Dixon
DeathShot needs to be nerfed. Cards should be able to be pushed. Say melee is attacking my tower. I should be able to place a card in between the enemy melee user and my tower so the the enemy retargets onto my card or has to move around him to get to my tower. Also you should change the chests to buy. It has been the same hero's chest one for a long time now. Rider should also be a little stronger damage wise in my opinion. Also it seems like im fighting the same people over and over no matter how far I push my trophies. I want to play with real people. Not robots.
AllStar Games n funny review AllStar Games n funny
The game is really good to play. But it lack players which is a big let down
Geo Mendez review Geo Mendez
Great game! The emojis would be better if they had sound, lasted longer & actually worked every time but besides from that it's a pretty neat game.
nahiyan mubashshir review nahiyan mubashshir
It's a really good game, but I'm having some trouble with it. The game crashed suddenly and asked to restart it several time. I did push the restart button but didn't work. Please help me find a solution.
Jamie Warby review Jamie Warby
Solid game similar to clash royal except for the hero, you choose one hero and the different perks makes a massive difference. Lots of fun
Rrapo Reed review Rrapo Reed
It looks ok to me. It has pretty good cards, beter than clash royale. Keep it up. The game is really good but I'd like troops beeing a little biger. It will look amazing
Nate Moskal review Nate Moskal
Would have got 5 overall but it is missing things like 2v2 and better clan system. Gameplay is sweet and my deathshot team is op. Hopefully better features are soon to come.