Hologram Piano Prank APK

Hologram Piano Prank
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Hologram Piano is a simulated Hologram 3D Projector which simulates the piano keyboard with real piano sounds. You can play beautiful melody with this novel hologram piano.

Key feature:
★Make use of back camera to make transparent background just like Holograms 3D Laser Keyboard.
★Real piano keyboard with beautiful sounds.

If you love music, you love piano, please download this Piano 3D Projector Prank, you can practice anytime.

Hologram Piano Prank APK reviews

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Nahed Khamis review Nahed Khamis
It is cool to have a app that gives a piano hologramed
Harry Dutton review Harry Dutton
I hate it .it is a waste of time
Fatima Maxwell review Fatima Maxwell
Horrible. the piano does not show up at all. ????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andi Adnan review Andi Adnan
Ink Karna kepaksanya Aku kasih bintang lima
Surayea Liza review Surayea Liza
Dont ever install this app i'm warning u its a fake it is fraud dont waste ur tiiiimee!!....???????
Shree Jain review Shree Jain
It is really fake
I love this game but the volume is no sound
Ravi Rustam review Ravi Rustam
NYC hai
Ewan Stone review Ewan Stone
Hate it!!!!!!!!
love it
Ramanujam Srikanth review Ramanujam Srikanth
Sirdir Mir review Sirdir Mir
Gary Sapii Gunda review Gary Sapii Gunda
Very usefuL
?Hello gUy'zZ this apps its very greatful tO use try it im sUre your problem is dead...hehe thats why i will rate 5 star because i really love mUsic------its simple guys jUst prest the key of piano then shake your head & sing hahaha its funny right.
Fredrik Josefsson review Fredrik Josefsson
Started the game, an ad wanted me to download something. Press keys for a couple of seconds and bam, next ad. Nope not the way to earn money guys, make a better app instead
Meghane Wakefield review Meghane Wakefield
It's the most horrible game it just wanted to make me puke all over it cuz it's just the dumbest game all over like it's so one star because the keys don't even work and it makes me want to shoot myself in the face!!!!!????????????????? it's so stupid God oh my gosh this is just b*******