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Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arenas in this unique blend of arcade, platform and multiplayer PVP game!
Compete with over 50 million players around the world! Create your own guild of thieves and break into the enemy’s dungeons.
Learn ancient spells to become the most feared thief in the game!

PLEASE NOTE: the game is extremely addictive and inevitably leads to increasing the number of your friends.


STEAL TREASURES TO BUILD YOUR COLLECTION. Stealing is fun! Collect gems and gold from other players to become the wealthiest thief in the world.
DEFEND YOUR LOOT. Design a dungeon defense, place traps and platforms to prevent others from stealing your treasure. See them being caught in your traps. No escape, muhaha!
LEARN ANCIENT SPELLS. Collect unique gems from magical spheres, learn spells and get stronger. Use the power of the Ancient Totem to defeat your opponents!
JOIN YOUR GUILD AND FIGHT IN THE ARENAS. Find reliable thieves and declare war on other guilds. Lead your guild to victory through different arenas to earn epic rewards!
CLAIM THE THRONE. Dive into the action, improve your skills, and compete with other players around the world to rise through the leaderboards. Upgrade your throne to improve your thief skills.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR OUTFIT. Choose a cool costume which perfectly suits your personality. Be a stylish thief, stand out from the crowd!
TRAVEL AND EXPLORE. Test your agility through 112 single-mode levels or dive into an underground world of user-generated content.
SUBSCRIPTION. Subscribe to get an opportunity to progress faster and access exclusive costumes!

By subscribing to King of Thieves, you get:
- x10 lock picks (maximum capacity increase)
- Lock picks restoration is x10 faster
- Gold mine also produces “tears” every day
- 3 unique costumes

You can choose three subscription options with varying lengths. You can subscribe for 1 month, 3 months or for 6 months.
Subscription cost is $4.99/$13.99/$19.99 for 1/3/6 months.

Ready to meet the challenge? Game on!
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King of Thieves APK reviews

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Carlos Navarro review Carlos Navarro
I have the zombie suit
Joey Rodriguez review Joey Rodriguez
I I'm the 100% thieve
Jaconater 601 review Jaconater 601
I just love king of this
AGENT 47 review AGENT 47
A pure thief can only understand this game
Jessica Marshall review Jessica Marshall
Its cool
But we shuld be able to see them try to get our stuff and LAUGH IN THERE FACES and there shuld be a chat WHO'S WITH ME
Glen Baker review Glen Baker
Very little skill involved. The way to win is by making this game your life.
izaac braun review izaac braun
It bring out a ton of games! The art style of cut the rope, level mechanic like clash of clans and gameplay like... Flappy bird? Anyways its an awesome addictive game
Miles Severe review Miles Severe
It is fun to play and steal from other players
Sam Dunn review Sam Dunn
Fun and made well
This fun game has many cool concepts and is a good game all around it's a puzzling action adventure kind of game. Play it
Louis Jonas review Louis Jonas
I have enjoyed this game and it help's with my coordination and I rate this game 5 stars
Akshat Malhotra review Akshat Malhotra
?"King of Thieves" is Amazzzing!!?
?The GEM of all games?, Zeptolab - you guys have done it again?. King of Thieves is very addictive☝, funny?, and full of surprises?. Truly loved it?. This game is going to be the next Candy Crush?.
Noah Smith review Noah Smith
Good game, gets annoying later.
Luat Nguyen review Luat Nguyen
Simple and straightforward yet enjoyable game that is not ruined by IAP. The most glaring fault is that it boasts about setting up your traps, however, the only thing you can do is pay for premium setups and let the game do all the work for you. You CANNOT pick and choose your own traps or base layout
Brianston Metolli review Brianston Metolli
Getting bored
Has been a fun game so far. However it is impossible for me to brake to someone's house. Pleas reduce the amount of keys to brake in. 3 keys or 6 keys per lock is ridiculous. I can never make it through a door. This has become a big challenge for me but also for the people on my guild. PLEAS COME UP WITH A SOLUTION ON THE NEW UPDATE.
Mimo Mimotso review Mimo Mimotso
This game is very good i like it and its fun to play and addictive.