Lie Detector Test Free Prank APK

Lie Detector Test Free Prank
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Lie Detector Test Free is a funny game which simulates to detect whether you tell the truth or lie. You just need to press your finger on the fingerprint scanner and then the Lie detector app will scan your finger and calculates the result, true or false. Of course it is a simulated app used to prank your friends. It allows you to preset the result in a secret way. It is so interesting.

Lie Tester Feature:
☆ Realistic and powerful Graphics and instruments including finger scanner, display panel, indicator lights, and control buttons.
☆ Vivid finger print scan animation and electric signal diagram.
☆ Allow you to preset the result to prank your friends! Press the volume key when scanning. (volume+ for truth, volume- for lie).

Lie Detector Test Free Prank APK reviews

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me myself nd i review me myself nd i
Pretty accurate but sometimes wrong overall nice,good and a fun time spender
I do not recommend this game. It said I lied for every single time I put my thumb on it. Way too many ads. Do not download this game. Also very boring. Too many ads for dinner Khalid and Rhianna and bryson tiller. Also way to many ads for beats headphones. Hated this game,very boring,too many ads,and not telling me the truth.
Mukul Kumar review Mukul Kumar
Its an amazing app
Joey Tom review Joey Tom
I asked if I'm ugly it said yes! :( I feel so sad. Please don't install this or it won't tell you the truth! ??
Dillon Gonzalez review Dillon Gonzalez
It's fun
This games a joke! I was honest and said I called my brother a lier (sorry Noah) then it said I lied PLZZZZZZZZ dont waste your time on this. THIS game is the lier
Sachin kumar review Sachin kumar
Ekdam kharab h
Alexander Gilliam review Alexander Gilliam
This app doesn't even work. I pressed it without saying anything and it said I was lying. This app is a rip off.
Picture of boobies
Kiya Barnes review Kiya Barnes
It okay
Diego Sebastian review Diego Sebastian
Love it now I can prank my Dad.?
Sadiya Shafqut review Sadiya Shafqut
Waste of time
chuttugulla prashanth review chuttugulla prashanth
This is good
Yahya Alhussaini review Yahya Alhussaini
This app is the greatest for pranking my friends and the thing is they dont know i am using the volume. By the way haters this is a PRANK APP you use the volume press -vol to make it say "you lied" and the +vol to make it say "you tell the truth"