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LINE Bubble 2
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The explosively popular LINE BUBBLE has released Season 2 of its hot, bubble popping action! LINE BUBBLE 2 is fun for players of all ages, whenever and wherever you are!

Cony is on a journey to find her best friend, Brown. Suddenly, a big, red dragon appears out of nowhere and drags Cony into a mysterious world! Where has Cony gone? Can she find Brown?

◆ About BUBBLE 2
- It's so easy to play! Just throw bubbles!
- Cutesy and fun stages!
- More diverse and cuter bubbles than ever before!
- Challenging obstacle bubbles appear in each new episode to try and stop Cony.
- The super scary Boss is waiting for you too!

◆ How to Play
- Connect 3 or more of the same kind of bubbles to pop them.
- Get combos to earn special bombs. Keep racking up combos to earn even more powerful bombs!
- Clear the different missions that appear in each stage.

Play BUBBLE 2 with your LINE Friends!

LINE Bubble 2 APK reviews

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Mantana Junlawanich review Mantana Junlawanich
Where is my Water play sally gun?!
Since 5 days ago I never received any Water play sally gun even thought I always accept it with buddy everyday! What going on my game?!!!;!;
Gina Sevika review Gina Sevika
This game makes me addicted. The characters was so cute. Need strategy and luck to win the game.
Mohd Nashrullah Zulfakar review Mohd Nashrullah Zulfakar
Error after update
After latest update i cannot open this game...
lnwsit ounsup review lnwsit ounsup
ok let's go
Michel Nikuma review Michel Nikuma
Fun till level 225‥. Impossible run against the time after 226
qurratul aini review qurratul aini
Not fun as it used to be
I enjoyed playing this game until you've come up with the new episode 226 where limited time available to pass. It was so damn hard to go through and i think maybe its time for me to let go of this game which used to be my addiction.
Afif Luthfi review Afif Luthfi
Interesting for my son
Kamolmas Beam review Kamolmas Beam
Good game and it is socute
Cony is socute
bonggie jinki review bonggie jinki
love it!!!
dinz. ppry review dinz. ppry
Pimpawee PimOn review Pimpawee PimOn
Dan Janssen review Dan Janssen
Itd pretty cool
yenita karto review yenita karto
Lolipop eskacang review Lolipop eskacang
Great game
Lalida Khumjoho review Lalida Khumjoho
It's amazing