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Matchington Mansion
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Welcome to your new home - Matchington Mansion! Are you ready to give this grand mansion a complete makeover?

Let’s get started - solve challenging match-3 puzzles to unlock new rooms, furniture, and secrets! Protect the mansion from a mischievous cousin who wants the mansion for himself.

Come on now, your friend Tiffany and a bunch of quirky characters are here to help you out (plus a kitten and a puppy)!

Game Features:

* Innovative gameplay – swap & match, renovate the grand mansion
* Piece together hidden objects & reveal the novelistic secret story
* Meet & interact with distinctive in-game characters
* Unlock hidden areas: dozens of rooms & thousands of Decoration DIY options
* Incredible power-up combos
* Visit your neighbors and see how they decorate

Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase.

MM team sincerely hope you’d like our new match-3 puzzle game, and we are working very hard to perfecting it. If you’d run into any issue while playing or you have any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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This is a really sweet game and I quite like it. The only reason I took a star off the score is that the side tasks are getting a bit obnoxious. 3 stars over 3 goes to clean up pamphlets? 1 star to greet someone, a couple more to ask them something and then another 3 or so to get the actual work done? Kinda stinky, please consider adjusting this. Also the daily bonus (which is appreciated) is getting smaller and less helpful. Overall though its a really nice game.
Ida Dreierstad review Ida Dreierstad
I like the game, very rewarding. But something isn't working. The tree in my garden doesn't have any ribbons. I've had 40 visitors. So unless none of them left any, which I doubt. The ribbon-visitors system doesn't work. And my tree keeps looking very sad.
Darlene Anderson review Darlene Anderson
Love the storyline, and graphics!!! The only thing I think should change is to lower the amount of coins to continue to 100 or 200, 500 coins to continue is too high!!! I would use the continue more if the coin amount was lowered!!! And I'm not getting any flags!!! I give flags when I visit...
Kelly Pilgrim review Kelly Pilgrim
It's a good game, though a few issues. One of the biggest for me is why does my tree have no flags on it? So it looks half dead though I'm well near the 150th level.
Christine Unsworth review Christine Unsworth
Sweet however I have just started. Ok it's a little boring now and the choices of colour etc do not work for me
Rebecca McNeil review Rebecca McNeil
I love this game. I play almost everyday and it's one if the best so far, but I'm having a problem with my tree like a few others are, I have 98 visitors and no ribbons, if you could please fix That, it would be much appreciated