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Monkey Hop
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Help the monkeys to climb and grab the banana coins! But be careful not to touch any of the birds!

How high can you go?

"Monkey Hop" - colorful and fun game in which the Monkey has to jump from leaf to leaf, and not fall into the water. Your task is to go as far as possible! Casual game "Monkey" will not let you get bored and will provide an opportunity to test your reaction. Bright design, lively music and a cute Monkey is very pleasant to all.
Join the adventure in which the Monkey will pass its way!

✓-high quality game
✓-easy to control and play
✓-free 2 play!
✓-needs no wi-fi
✓-Green environment
✓-decor area is fully designed with challenges
✓-make your Monkey jump higher and higher

a must have app for all casual gamers. so people get ready for the challenge how high you can jump and play blissfully without any wi-fi connection .it is a totally free game to increase your energy level and a simple interface that any gamer of any age can quickly careful,because you will not only run but you have to aware of the obstacles on your way!!just play and you will find the fun inside.

Best jumping game.

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Priya Darshini review Priya Darshini
Best hopping game on Google Play.. monkey jumping game with cool gameplay and sfx
Subash Chandran review Subash Chandran
Monkey hopping game for kids. Cool jumping game for kids.