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Your Android browser should do more than just display web pages. Opera for Android now has a built-in news feed that helps you find more content you’ll love - it also saves data by blocking ads and compressing images.

Top features

Smart news feed: Swipe through a range of news channels within the browser, subscribe to your favorite channels, and save stories to read later.

Sleek new look: Our new, lightweight design makes it easier to find what you need and do what you came online to do.

Block ads: Opera’s integrated ad blocker helps your pages load faster and saves your data for the content you’re actually interested in.

Add to home screen: Add any website directly to your device's home screen to access it even faster. Sites like Facebook can even send you push notifications, just like the app.

Other highlights

Save data: Switch to data-savings mode to load pages faster than ever on slow networks. Powered by our famous compression technology, the Opera browser works hard to save loads of data without breaking your browsing experience.

Browse privately: Use private tabs to go incognito anywhere on the Internet without leaving a trace on your device.

Read comfortably on any screen: With Opera, you can force zoom on any page, making it easier to read. We even make sure the text fits nicely on your screen with automatic text wrap.

Do more with Opera: http://www.opera.com/about/products

Keep in touch:
Twitter – http://twitter.com/opera/
Facebook – http://facebook.com/opera/
Instagram – http://instagram.com/operabrowser/

End User Terms:
By downloading and/or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to the end user licence agreement at http://www.operasoftware.com/eula/android and Privacy Statement at http://www.opera.com/privacy.

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Ivan Aldana review Ivan Aldana
Annoying habits
App keeps resetting my selection for search provider to google, that was after the headache of figuring how to set one not on the VERY tiny default list. App keeps sticking links for viral junk in the tile page but since I don't use tiles they stick out like sore thumbs. Turbo mode sometimes won't load images replacing them with solid color so it's useless to me. Never could figure out how to set the default page to a blank page like in EVERY other browser I've used, had to use the tiles page. Uninstalled.
Bacskai Robert review Bacskai Robert
Basically good job, no force close, but several competitors are ahead...
No possibility to set to night theme, speed dial doesn't sync as well as history between devices. And so on...
Duncan Macmillan review Duncan Macmillan
Texto Word wrap wins the day
Why other browsers don't have this feature is beyond me!
Haider Ali review Haider Ali
Why is there no bookmark or page saving option available? Its a common feature in all browsers.
Zahar Asri review Zahar Asri
Too slow
At first it was amazing. I could downloaded any stuff that I want. Unfortunately recently it getting worse. It loads really slow. I thought due to my connection but its not. Pls fix this and I would give it 5 stars
Luke Rickert review Luke Rickert
I love the idea but it doesn't play nicely with all sites. I am sure it is the sites that are non-compliant but that doesn't help me much if I need the info.
Martin Abbott review Martin Abbott
Excellent alternative to Chrome
I really like the way I can sync my speed dial across devices. The desktop app is excellent. On Android it's fast and it looks pretty
KC Cole review KC Cole
does what I want... most of the time
Right now I am having issues with attaching files in googlegroups. documents is the bottom of the choices and for some reason unclickable... I would LOVE keyboard controls like on the desktop (ctr-t for new tabs etc) and more config stuff available
Bruce Gavin Ward review Bruce Gavin Ward
having used Opera for my entire onLine experience (postNetScape), i find it like my interNet glove. it just does the job well. however with the latest update, no longer loads or works on my Nexus9
Decaying Lobster review Decaying Lobster
My favorite
I've tried many other web browsers for android and opera/opera mini are easily the best. Hands down. Srsly it's great. The original opera browser could be lil quicker though. Keep up the great work!
Adelia Ratna review Adelia Ratna
I didn't know why ppl argue bout this. I can't even download music properly at chr*me and this browser just download it fine
Mohd Iman review Mohd Iman
Just with one click setting, i can open all link with either dekstop version or mobile version, without always tap change when open different link.
James Wilder review James Wilder
The only browser to use on
Android Kitcat and Opera Mini on Windows. As those O.S. don't support "text wrap ", but Opera has it built into their browser. I love it. Still my only choice on Android.
Ruairi McElhone review Ruairi McElhone
I always find opera are a step ahead of other web browsers and its Android version is no exception.
me thea review me thea
problem user agent destop and Videos for facebook
It cannot pass text in common that reply for desktop . please add flash player add on in browser .it clear text that I writed by auto when I rest a minut .Sometime it is reload pag when i rest a movement. it cannot download videos . it cannot save to catch memory card for easy backward and forward faster. it has not adobeflash player for play video facebook or open with different/other app that can play this videos. I prefer it but it is more problem too. I hope it will good like pc. thank you for free.