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This is an animation package of a very cute panda for SayHi! -- A very cool application that can let you find people nearby and communicate with them. You can see different kind of vivid dynamic emotions shown by this panda either by yourself or share with others. If you think it's cute, share it with friends! Here's this panda's profile:

Name: Pan-dada
Sex: Male
Pet phrase: I am precious
Hobby: Blogging. Any food but bamboo
Motto: I love myself most

Panda Emoji APK reviews

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Christinejane Sinining review Christinejane Sinining
Hihihi Heart Heart panda :}
Sam Cedar review Sam Cedar
All right
Need to be able to be like on ur key bord fix it plz for five stars
Chris S. review Chris S.
Dumbest thing ever. How this has such a high rating I'll never know.
Candie Foss review Candie Foss
Thought this was cute until I downloaded and saw that it's not a stand-alone app. :(
Isis D'.C. review Isis D'.C.
I need it for texting so 5 stars when u get there
A Google User review A Google User
Couldnt figure out how to send the,cute,little panda,which was fustrating
Katherine Amador review Katherine Amador
I thought it was for text message but all it does is show up in my screen..
ella Walton review ella Walton
All this app does is pop a pandabear face on ur screen
sandra franco review sandra franco
You cant use them in text.....just shows up on the screen. What's the point if it cant be shared?! These things should really have no star ratings
Feleicia Tovar review Feleicia Tovar
Whats the point of having this app if you cant put it in text messages? I unistalled this app.
Judianne Otrillo review Judianne Otrillo
How to use
Guys if you want to use these cute emojis you'll have to download 'SayHi' in your phone
A Google User review A Google User
Panda Emoji
Why cant run the app?
A Google User review A Google User
Sucks for galaxy s3
Doesnt even work
A Google User review A Google User
A Google User review A Google User
How do you use ?!
Where do i install for text ツ i want pandas in text :(