Rammer APK

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It was another warm and pleasant day in the village... untill the local ram have decided he had enough of this life on a farm, knocked out the barn doors and ran away! Will this bold freedom-loving ram be able to get away? Or he will be caught by the farmer and will spend the rest of his life in barn? It's up to you! Help this Ram with his Great Escape!

- Run as far as you can!
- Abandoned Farm, Mesozoic Era, Paris and other times and places are waiting for you!
- Enjoy bright graphics and effects!
- Overcome all the troubles with Rocket, Magnet and Shield!
- Compete with your friends!
- Get the Farm Riot started!

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Barisbi Alborov review Barisbi Alborov
Не поривив душой могу сказать, что потратил на эту игру больше времени, чем на любой другой раннер.