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2D cube game with unreal physics.
SkyBlock map finally came into Android!
Craft your ideas!

- Crafting
- Baking
- Build/Destroy blocks
- Day cycle
- Change skin by MC nick
and more..

This is free version of SkyLand which contains Ads. If you want to prevent Ads showing, you must buy the game.

Note: SkyLand is not affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft

SkyLand APK reviews

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Marianne Scott review Marianne Scott
Its fun
Its tipiclly a minecraft gam I have one complaint tho why is there a survival button if you cant go creative its also annoying cause of the music so thats what I xont like two thing so only two off of 5 stare
Not that good
It's 2d and you can buy stuff. And theirs no mobs
Adds are really annoying and these dads pop up when u don't need them?, besides that ts fun?
Angela Yorston review Angela Yorston
Nope I have hate it
Couldn't grab the cobble from the generator
I keep on toasting myself in the cobblestone generator or falling of the island :( maby adding some sort of collector? Or making it bigger (maby 7x7x7)
Leoncio Jugalbot review Leoncio Jugalbot
Love it but
It needs ore and more islands
I think its a very bad game because all i do is die and the controls are hard to use
Louie Lester review Louie Lester
I'm stuck I love the game but you need to get of the Iland
Mill Playz review Mill Playz
Well i think if they could make it a lit batter i would say it A TEALLY GOOD GAME
julius nathaniel ante review julius nathaniel ante
What the heck bitches
Here's the problem I press play the new game named my world pressed create nothing happens
Joseph Stanyon review Joseph Stanyon
I love itI. Lu
Juan Dela Cruz review Juan Dela Cruz
Love it but I have an idea
Add 3d mode plsssss
Daniel C review Daniel C
Okay but I don't know how to expand your block
Chris Greyling review Chris Greyling
Please fix when I get in it show nothing
Christine Mcgee review Christine Mcgee
I love the game